Pre-Purchase Building Inspections


Understanding what pre-purchase inspections are, whether you need one and who to trust to deliver it can save you (or cost you) tens of thousands of dollars. At Perth Building Inspector our trusted pre-purchase inspections can be carried our professionally, quickly and will provide you with peace of mind. 



A Pre Purchase Inspection is the primary service we at Perth Building Inspector offer. It is a service that has been refined over 25 years in the industry and has been developed into something we believe to be effective and imperative for any soon-to-be home-owners.

In plain English, a property inspection is when our highly qualified inspector visits the property you wish to buy prior to the sale being carried through. The inspector gives the property a thorough assessment and checks to not only see that everything is in structurally sound, but that there are no potential problems that will sneak up on you after purchase.

To the untrained eye, potential issues in the structural integrity of your home would be very difficult to pick up on, but through training and our experience as a very successful builder prior to the inspection field, we are well equipped to deal with any sort of situation.


When a home is inspected and the places bringing potential danger or areas that are already causing problems are highlighted, it brings to the surface any nasty surprises that could have caught you off guard as the home-owner.

This means that not only are you as the customer able to speak to the agent about the situation and what it means in regards to the sale of the home. You are also able to put measures in place should the acquisition go through.

There can even be times as a customer who is building their own home, that issues that arise are under the 4 month liability warranty builders provide you with and we can help identify those issues. Locating issues that need to be fixed during this time means that builders will take on the cost of the damages with nothing falling over to the YOU as the customer.

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We believe that our extensive coverage over any type of property will be beneficial to all homeowners, whether they are building a home or buying a pre-existing home, damage and issues are prevalent in all manner of areas and situations across Perth.

We know that the service we provide is not just another additional cost but is actually a worthwhile investment that can provide you with the comfort and security that you need when buying a new home.

As such, we recommend inspections to any individual going through this process, as we will work with them to ensure the maximum quality of service, peace of mind and affordability in the inspection as possible.


This is a process we would like to work alongside you as much as possible. Throughout the inspection procedure any questions or information needed will be accessible to you through our highly qualified inspector.

Should a problem arise, we will be in contact with you delivering information on what has happened and what the best route forward is.

At Perth Building Inspector we are so excited to be able to partner with you in doing what we love. We know that a great home needs great care and attention to detail and we believe that we can provide that service and meet and exceed your every expectation.

To book at service, please use our online booking form or to speak to Steve and discuss your needs call on 1800 781 251