An Example of Poor Brickwork

This photo shows poor workmanship in the laying of bricks to this new home. The setout of the brickwork was poorly completed. The mortar colour was inconsistent as well as the mortar beds and perpend joints were not consistent in width and depth.

Damaged Roofing Tiles?

Why would you trust an unknown door-knocking salesman to inspect the condition of something when they are trying to sell you the same thing? Most homeowners are not inclined to climb up on to their own roofs and inspect the condition of roof tiles for themselves, and many home owners don’t really know what to look for.

Rusty Steel Lintel Causes Brickwork to Move

While inspecting the external brickwork of a house during a pre-purchase building inspection, it was noticed that the steel lintel above the window had rusted. This had caused the brickwork above to lift up by 12mm.

Blocked Gutters

Blocked gutters and downpipes cause water to discharge next to the foundations of your house. This may then cause foundational movement which will result in cracks forming above and below openings

Undermine Foundations

In this photo you can see several downpipes discharging water next to the foundations of this garage. This has caused the ground to expand and contract which has caused the retaining wall to fail and the foundations have subsided. This has caused significant damage to the garage.

Timber Rot to Rafter

This photo shows that the end of the patio rafter has rotted away, this is common for the ends of timber rafters that have not been sealed adequately. Water can penetrate into the end of the timber grain and the timber will rot over time and eventually collapse as you can see in this photo.

A Significant Crack

This photo shows a significant crack above a garage door. The crack of approximately 40mm indicated that there was a problem with the foundations that had been undermined.

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