Perth Building Inspector

To book an inspection, please submit this form.

When the booking has been submitted we will contact the agent and book in a suitable time and day to do the inspection. You will be sent an email confirming this information. Once an inspection has been completed the report will be available within 24 hours. When the report is ready you will be sent an email you will be able to download the report immediately once payment has been received. Payment options include credit cards which can be securely made via our secure online transaction account, direct deposit or cash.

Property Inspections Booking Form
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How to Pay

We have two payment options available.

  1. You can pay using a Mastercard & Visa Card using our Westpac secure online payment system.
  2. You can pay by direct debit. Please make payment via direct debit to "Perth Property Inspections". BSB: 036-237 Account: 357838

If these options do not suit you, please contact us to arrange an alternate payment method.

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